Every Saturday night the street outreach team meet in the Crossroads building upstairs in church at 10pm. The team consists of Christians from different churches in the Monaghan area.

We start and end the outreach with prayer as we feel that prayer is vital and that we need the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct the team. We know that we need God and that we are capable of nothing without Him! 1 Timothy 4:10, we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Saviour of all people!

After prayer we head out onto the streets with tea, coffee, sweets and gospel literature (Bibles, CDs and tracts), this is usually around 11.30pm – 12.00am. We offer people free tea and coffee and through that act of kindness we are then able to explain the gospel, share our testimonies and pray for people. God is our guide and we continue to pray earnestly while on the streets.

At approximately 1.30am – 2.00am we head back into the Crossroads Building to pray for the people we have spoken to and give thanks to God! Street outreach offers a brilliant opportunity to evangelise as people are out to socialise and are willing to chat.

During outreach we meet a mix of people from different backgrounds with a wide variety of problems. We have found that our town is full of lost, lonely, hurting people who know that there must be something more to life; our aim is to introduce these people to the new abundant life that Jesus provides.

The street outreach team would like to invite you to join them in their aim to fulfill The Great Commission by spreading the good news of the Gospel to the people of Monaghan.

Please remember to pray for the team as we stand together as the body of Christ to see people’s lives changed by Jesus!

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