At Monaghan Elim we have ministries to reach all ages from the very youngest to the oldest. The aim of these ministries is to reach more people for Christ and encourage and build up the people of God in their faith.

We are thankful for our dedicated team of volunteers in each ministry who give freely of their time and talents from week to week.

To find our more information on any particular ministry please click on the links below or if you would like to be involved please contact us on our contact form.

Prayer and Bible Study

At Monaghan Elim we place the Bible and prayer at the centre of everything we do.

We believe in the authority of Scripture and that prayer has the power to change things…

Worship Ministry

At Monaghan Elim we love to join together in praise and worship to our God, not only because scripture commands us to, but because of our love for Him and thankfulness for all that He has done for us!…

Childrens Ministry

 At Monaghan Elim we are passionate about children and want them to be as much part of church as adults.

We want children to know God’s love and to have a relationship with Him while they are still young and to grow up learning about Him and how to worship Him…..

ThreeSixteen Youth Club

The aim of ThreeSixteen Youth Club is to provide a safe, happy and fun-filled environment for kids aged 8-12 to enjoy themselves and fellowship with each other and to learn about God’s love.