The creche runs each Sunday morning for the duCreche-1-299x412ration of the church service in the specially equipped creche adjacent to the main church sanctuary.

It opens each Sunday morning at 10.45am to welcome the children and their parents, once the children are settled parents get the chance to relax and enjoy the morning service while their children are being cared for by a team of dedicated helpers.

Creche caters for babies and children up to 3-4 years before they move on to Sunday School. Creche provides a great ministry where we can meet and build relationships with parents and children.

Parents Room

A parents room is provided in the church for parents who wish to use it during our church service. The church service is televised into the parents’ room allowing parents to engage in the service while being in a relaxed environment with their baby/child.

Sunday School

Our motto: Our Sunday school, the future of our church; learning in love, growing in Christ and making Him known. ss3-300x200

Sunday school meets every Sunday ( September-June) from 11.20am to 12.30pm in our church building. We have a great team of teachers and helpers, all on a rotational basis each week.  All of our teachers and helpers are Garda-vetted.

We have six different classes; Footprints to Faith, E.D.G.E, Pathfinders, Faith Explorers and 2 Bible Classes (on alternate weeks).

Sunday School and Bible class exists to:-

  • Lead the children to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Help the children build a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father
  • Inspire the children in the study of the Bible, to gain knowledge of God’s Word and apply it to their lives
  • Prepare the children to witness for Christ and become passionate about serving Him

Activities (centred around the Gospel) throughout the year include:

– Bible lessons with related worksheets and activities
– Bible study in relation to age appropriate topics (in bible classes)
– Teaching and learning memory verses
– Praise and worship through singing and prayer
– Hearing and learning about missionaries and the work of missions
– Quizzes and games, crafts, mime & puppet ministry and watching DVDs

Our curriculum in Sunday school is Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) material called
‘Unlocked, revealing God’s big picture for children’. ‘Unlocked’ is a comprehensive four year
bible curriculum for children of primary school age. The curriculum encourages children to
dig deeper into the word of God to discover the treasure contained in the bible. The aim of
‘Unlocked’ is to show children how God’s word reveals the amazing story of redemption
from Genesis to the Early Church. The preschoolers will be using other CEF teaching
material aimed at preschool age.

Here is a little about each class:
Footprints to Faith: This class has all of the pre-school and junior infant children. We have
a teacher in this classroom with one helper each week giving a helping hand to show the
love of God and teach each child the word of God. We teach the word of God through
stories and activities.

E.D.G.E:  Children in senior infants and 1st class attend this class which is led by one of
our teachers along with a helper each Sunday. Many stories from the bible are taught to each
child displaying God’s love and showing how they can Experience and Discover God
Everywhere (EDGE).

SS51-448x250Pathfinders: In this class we have the 2nd class and the 3rd class children. We thank God for these children as they continue to grow in their faith and reveal their talents and gifts through Sunday School

Faith Explorers: This class includes 4th and 5th class children and aims to encourage these children on how to explore the Bible and to walk with God daily

Bible class: There are 2 bible classes ( on alternate weeks). One for 6th class and 1st year tweens and teenagers and the other class for older teenagers. These classes focuses on an
indepth bible study each week to help each young person to grow and get a better understanding of God’s word. We pray as a team that as these children begin to grow further in their Christian walk and as they face more worldly pressures that they will be confident and have the wisdom they need to give God all the glory in everything they do.