Have a watch of our video series “Monaghan Elim Life Stories” (best watched in HD).

The series features local people from the Monaghan area telling us how their lives have been changed by the grace of God.

Health problems cause us stress and often generate intense emotions such as discouragement, fear, loneliness, anger or depression. Some of us opt to find out about herbs here instead of taking conventional mediation after suffering the side effects. Looking for the cure to your illness is not easy but the Bible has a lot to say that relates to health, healing, coping with suffering, learning lessons from our trials and learning to rely on God and even other people.

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Monaghan Elim Life Stories

The Foodbank continues to meet the needs of the local community. Food parcels are handed out weekly online gaming via a system of food vouchers through a variety of local organisations.

At the minute stocks are low and need to be replenished.

If you would like to donate some non-perishable foodstuffs please leave them in the trolley in the church foyer.

– Milk (UHT or powdered) – Sugar – Fruit Juices – Soup – Pasta Sauces – Sponge pudding (tinned)
– Tomatoes (tinned) – Cereals – Rice pudding (tinned) – Tea bags / instant coffee – Instant mashed potato
– Rice /pasta – Tinned meat/fish – Tinned fruit – Jam – Biscuits / snack bar


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If you would like to donate to the Foodbank please visit our donations page here.

Thank you!!

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